General Review of the new Bathmate Hydromax

General Review of the new Bathmate Hydromax

Hydromax is a new bathmate device that promises increased sexual pleasure for men. The Hydromax is made up of three parts: the pump, the sleeve, and the hose. To use it, you insert the pump into the water and press down on it to create a vacuum. It causes the sleeve to inflate and push against your penis, providing stimulation and increased pleasure. The hose allows you to adjust the pressure, making it perfect for different levels of stimulation.

It promises to give users a bigger penis by increasing blood flow and size. Overall, Hydromax seems to be a good product and can provide users with the results they are looking for. However, a few things should be kept in mind before making a purchase.


  1. Features:

The device consists of two chambers, each with its pump and reservoir. To use it, the user fills one chamber with water and inserts the penis into the other. The pumps create a suction that pulls blood into the penis and stimulates growth. The Hydromax also has a built-in vibrator that can be used during sex for an extra boost.

Hydromax has received mixed reviews from users. Some say it works as promised and increases their size by up to 4 inches, while others report that it doesn’t work at all or only slightly increases size. Overall, most users seem happy with their purchase but would like to see more variations of colors available in future versions.

  1. Is Hydromax worth your money?

Hydromax is a new prostate massager from Bathmate. It’s a powerful tool for increasing sexual pleasure and improving erectile function. We spun it to find out if it lives up to its claims.

The Hydromax is made of rugged, plastic materials with an ergonomic design. It’s easy to hold and use and has several vibration settings that can be customized according to your preferences. The device comes with two different-sized balls – one small and one large – so you can choose the size that best fits your anatomy.

To start using the Hydromax, you first fill the chamber with water using the included pump. It creates pressure that breaks down fat cells in your pelvic area, which allows the balls to penetrate your skin better.


Hydromax is a good product that offers increased pleasure and improved performance. It is easy to use and should provide satisfaction for most users. While some may find it too large or bulky, Hydromax is a quality product that should be considered if you want an enhanced experience in the bathtub.